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How to Support a Senior Through the Transition to Personal Care at Home

Suddenly needing help from personal care at home can be difficult and emotionally overwhelming for your senior, but also for you. It’s important that you and your elderly family member have a plan to make that transition as smooth and as problem-free as possible. Here are just a few of the ways that you can help your senior to do just that.

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How to Help Your Loved One with Loneliness and Social Isolation

Feeling lonely and being socially isolated can often affect the elderly. While they are not the same thing, the negative health effects from struggling with either or both can reduce the quality of life of your aging loved one.

Loneliness is a distressing feeling of being alone or separated from the ones you love. A person can feel lonely even when it appears they are surrounded by people. For example, an elderly person living in a nursing home with lots of other residents can still feel very lonely because of the absence of connection to her loved ones. Social isolation is the lack of social contact and having regular, meaningful connections with people. Someone can live alone and not feel socially isolated because of the other outside connections a person has.

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Lifetime Achievement Award

Our Lifetime Achievement Award is a new award this year. Pat Fuehrer has been a Touching Hearts Care Partner since May of 2009. During her thirteen plus years with us, she has continuously established meaningful relationships with her clients and has embraced our company core values with vigor. We are so blessed to have Pat Fuehrer as a long-standing member of our family and our team. Thank you, Pat.

Care Partner of the Year – 2022!

During Nancy’s interview she told our staff that she was looking for a diverse and flexible position , and she found just that! Nancy has been with Touching Hearts for almost 13 years. During these years, she has embraced and exhibited our Core Values to the fullest. We are so lucky to have the privilege of working with Nancy!

Congratulations, Nancy!

Annual Holiday Party

A great time was had by all at the annual Touching Hearts Holiday Party at the Irondequoit Country Club. The party was a reflection of everyone’s hard work and accomplishments during 2022. We celebrated with delicious food, lively conversation, and festive attire.

Happy Holidays from the Touching Hearts Team

The holidays are a perfect time to remind us how much we appreciate you. Wishing our clients, care partners and their families a happy and healthy Holiday season. May the beauty of the holidays warm your spirit this year. As we head into the New Year, we at Touching Hearts, hope it brings you peace, joy and happiness. We feel lucky to have you, the most important part of us here at Touching Hearts.

Care Partner of the Month – December 2022 – Karen Swarthout

Congratulations to Karen Swarthout for being selected Care Partner of the month for December 2022. Karen has worked for Touching Hearts for over 1 year, she is extremely dependable & reliable. Karen works the overnight shift with one of our clients that has 24/7 care. She has formed a special bond with her client and her cat Lovey. Karen is known for her caring heart and exemplifies our CORE values, Compassion, Communication, Commitment and Consideration.

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Covid, RSV, Flu, or Cold? Either Way, Take Steps to Help Out

Every year, the CDC tracks data collected through tests for viruses like COVID, the flu, RSV, pneumonia, and a few others. By the end of November, positive test results for respiratory adenovirus, COVID OC43, and RSV were climbing. Flu and cold activity are also increasing. What if you or your dad is sick? You don’t want to spread it to him. If he’s sick, he needs to slow down and let senior home care help out until he’s feeling better.

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Holiday Shopping at The Mall

Home Care in Rochester NYOne of the things we do with our Touching Hearts Clients is take them outside of the home and do fun things! Today our Care Partner MaryAnne took our sweet client Ida to Eastview Mall. Ida enjoyed looking around the shops and enjoyed seeing the beautiful holiday decorations.

If you would like to learn more about Touching Hearts at Home and how we can help your loved one with companion care services please call us at 585-271-7390. #companioncare

How Can You Help Your Senior Determine a Plan for Healthy Aging?

What does healthy aging mean for your senior? If you and she haven’t talked about it yet, her answers might surprise you a little bit. Here are a few things to consider and how elder care can play a vital role in maintaining your senior’s health.

Talk about What Healthy Aging Means

Your idea of healthy aging for your senior might be different from what she believes is important. That’s why it’s so important for you and your elderly family member to sit down together and talk about your expectations. When you both understand what your senior wants from this stage of her life, it’s a lot easier for you to accommodate those wants and provide what she needs, like elder care providers to help her as needed.

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