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How Can You Help Your Senior Determine a Plan for Healthy Aging?

What does healthy aging mean for your senior? If you and she haven’t talked about it yet, her answers might surprise you a little bit. Here are a few things to consider and how elder care can play a vital role in maintaining your senior’s health.

Talk about What Healthy Aging Means

Your idea of healthy aging for your senior might be different from what she believes is important. That’s why it’s so important for you and your elderly family member to sit down together and talk about your expectations. When you both understand what your senior wants from this stage of her life, it’s a lot easier for you to accommodate those wants and provide what she needs, like elder care providers to help her as needed.

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Is Bowling Good for Senior Citizens?

Trying to find the right activity for your mom or dad is hard. But the truth is seniors can do a lot more than you think. If your elderly loved one is 70 and healthy, they can easily partake in activities like bowling. There are tons of seniors this age who love bowling. It is not a high-impact sport but it will help them stay busy, engage, and burn calories. If your senior is older than 90, bowling may not be the best choice for them depending on their body and how well they can move.

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5 Tips to Help Your Senior Avoid Diabetes

If your aging family member has a high risk of developing diabetes, it’s important to take steps now to reduce that risk. You may not be able to get her risk factors down to zero, but you can make headway on keeping her as healthy as you can for as long as possible. Here are some ideas to talk with your senior’s doctor about as soon as you can.

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How to Count Your Blessings As You Age

As your parents get older, you may realize they’re battling many different things. They may become irritable, feel sad frequently, or struggle with isolation. It can be hard to pick up their mood when they feel so blue. It’s normal to feel sad at times, but if this behavior progresses, it can have an adverse effect that most would love their parents to avoid altogether.

Companion care at home may be beneficial to limit these feelings, especially if your senior is trying to age in place but can’t do certain things on their own. They may need help bathing, eating, drinking, or changing their clothes, among other things. Companion care at home can help them feel more independent, which may boost their mood significantly.

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4 Ways Seniors Can Stay Visible While Biking

May is National Bike Month and it’s a fantastic time for seniors and their loved ones to get the bikes out of storage and start riding. Cycling is great exercise for seniors and for many seniors it’s a type of exercise that they can do without putting too much stress on their joints or causing pain. But when your senior loved one is out cycling it’s extremely important that they are doing what they can to make themselves visible to drivers. Seniors have slower reaction times that may put them in danger if a driver doesn’t see them cycling. It’s also a good idea for seniors to go for bike rides with other seniors or with a home care companion who does activities with them. Some simple ways that seniors can make themselves visible when they’re biking are:

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4 Tips for Incorporating Canned Food into Your Senior’s Diet

Every February is National Canned Food Month, making it a great time for you and your senior to think about incorporating more canned foods into her diet. Canned food is a lot healthier than many people think that it is, and it offers a lot of variety while taking up only a little bit of pantry space. Personal care at home can help your senior implement canned foods in their diet in healthy ways.

Canned Food Is Always in Season

Canned food gets a bad reputation at times, but you should remember that vegetables and fruits that are canned are picked and processed almost immediately. They’re at the peak of freshness, which is great news nutritionally speaking. Also, canned versions of some foods, like beans, are incredibly healthy and they are also easier to manage than other versions, like dried beans.

Read Labels Carefully

The key to healthy canned foods is to make sure and read the label fully and carefully. The label gives you information about how to store the canned food and how long it will be good for. But it also tells you what else is in the can, like salt or sugar, and how much is in the food. Ideally, you’ll want to find canned foods that are lower in added ingredients because that’s healthier overall for your senior.

Check the Cans, Too

Personal Care at Home in Perinton NY

Personal Care at Home in Perinton NY

It’s also important to check the cans themselves for damage. You don’t want to buy or hang onto cans that are dented, rusted, or otherwise look like they may not be okay. Avoiding cans that are damaged can help your senior to store the foods for as long as recommended on the label.

Rotate Food Storage for Your Senior

The best way to store canned foods is with the “first in, first out” philosophy. This means putting newer foods at the back of the storage shelf so that the older foods are used first. Personal care at home can also help with stocking your senior up on healthy canned foods and making sure that she’s eating regular meals. Eating a variety of canned foods is a lot easier with the help of personal care at home who can craft a menu that works for your senior’s health needs.

Canned foods are convenient and they store for a very long time, which can help your elderly family member to build up a pantry of foods that are healthy and delicious.

If you or an aging loved one is considering personal care at home in Perinton, NY, please contact the caring staff at Touching Hearts at Home of Rochester today. 585-271-7390.

Should Seniors Switch Butter for Coconut Oil?

Not all seniors will take their health seriously. Not all seniors will understand nutrition, and some may not even like cooking. If your senior is determined to age in place, they need to focus on health and lifestyle. This includes what they consume every day. If a senior is not focused on these key aspects of life, you should consider home care assistance for your parents. Choosing healthy spreads and cooking oils at the supermarket may be somewhat perplexing.

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The Best Oral Health Tips For Seniors To Prevent Receding Gums

Receding gums and gum disease are very common among seniors. According to the CDC nearly 2 in 3 seniors have gum disease. January is Receding Gums Awareness Month and it’s a great time to check in on your senior loved one’s oral health and see if there are ways to improve it. Daily thorough brushing is the best way to prevent the gum disease that can cause receding gums, but many seniors have trouble with personal care like brushing their teeth. And many senior don’t like to ask for help with personal care tasks like brushing their teeth. 24-hour home care providers are a great solution because they can discretely help seniors with tasks like brushing their teeth and bathing. Some of the most recommended things seniors can do for good oral health besides brushing are:

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Cholesterol Busting Foods Seniors Should Eat More Of

More than 93 million adults have high cholesterol. Having high cholesterol can increase the chances of developing heart disease and having a stroke. That’s why it’s so important for seniors to watch their cholesterol levels. Medication helps, and many seniors are already taking medication for their cholesterol. But diet and lifestyle also play a big role in lowering cholesterol and keeping cholesterol levels healthy.

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Better Meditation Tips for Your Elderly Loved One

If you are helping your elderly loved one to live a better and more peaceful life, meditation is one of the things that could help. Research shows that meditation – in many forms – can help people to reduce their stress, feel more positive, have more happiness in their life, and reap many other benefits, as well. If your elderly loved one is willing to practice meditation, there are many tips that you and their home care providers can share with them for better meditation sessions.

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