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We can help you with 24 Hour Home Care

At certain stages or periods of life, some seniors cannot be left alone. This situation may be short lived or long term. Persons with dementia who may engage in unsafe behaviors are often the ones requiring full time monitoring. Patients recovering from serious medical conditions, such as hip injuries and lower extremity injuries which prevents full ambulation, sometimes need around the clock help at first when they get home. Sometimes physicians require a discharge plan that provides for 24 hour coverage for a period of time.

Families and other caregivers trying to meet the needs of such seniors requiring 24 hour care often simply cannot be there due to the demands of their own work and personal lives. Sometimes they need to just get away for respite from the highly demanding work of being a primary caregiver. Touching Hearts can be there some or all of the time when family members and other caregivers are not available.

Full range of services including:

*meal preparation
*safety monitoring
*standby assistance


*Meets some discharge plan requirements
*Normal household and personal routines are maintained
*Health risk reduction
*Safe, clean home environment
*Respite for family members and other caregivers
*Socialization for home bound seniors

How Seniors Can Talk To Their Doctors About Pain

Talking about chronic pain can be difficult for seniors. Often seniors don’t bother mentioning their pain to their doctors because they believe that pain is just a part of getting older. But there’s a big difference between occasional age related pain and chronic pain.

If chronic pain is impacting your senior loved one’s quality of life then they should be able to discuss it with their doctor so that they can be treated for it. Some seniors have trouble talking about their pain so it’s helpful if you or a 24-hour home care provider can help them bring up and discuss chronic pain when they are at the doctor.

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