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How to Help Your Loved One with Loneliness and Social Isolation

Feeling lonely and being socially isolated can often affect the elderly. While they are not the same thing, the negative health effects from struggling with either or both can reduce the quality of life of your aging loved one.

Loneliness is a distressing feeling of being alone or separated from the ones you love. A person can feel lonely even when it appears they are surrounded by people. For example, an elderly person living in a nursing home with lots of other residents can still feel very lonely because of the absence of connection to her loved ones. Social isolation is the lack of social contact and having regular, meaningful connections with people. Someone can live alone and not feel socially isolated because of the other outside connections a person has.

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Covid, RSV, Flu, or Cold? Either Way, Take Steps to Help Out

Every year, the CDC tracks data collected through tests for viruses like COVID, the flu, RSV, pneumonia, and a few others. By the end of November, positive test results for respiratory adenovirus, COVID OC43, and RSV were climbing. Flu and cold activity are also increasing. What if you or your dad is sick? You don’t want to spread it to him. If he’s sick, he needs to slow down and let senior home care help out until he’s feeling better.

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Is It Time for Home Care Assistance for Your Senior?

How do you know when your dad can’t take care of his home or himself properly? What are the signs you should be looking for? Here are the best ways to tell if it’s time for home care assistance services.

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