Have You Reviewed Your Dad’s Care Plan Recently?

Your family took steps years ago to work out a future care plan in case your dad ever needed help. He was healthy back then, but now his health has changed. Has your family reviewed his care plan to see if anything needs to be changed?

How Are His Care Needs Changing?

With the changes to his health, what is he going to struggle to do independently? He’s used to shopping on his own, but now he can’t drive. Would he want to have someone take him shopping?

If he’s overwhelmed with the thought of having people help him in a store, would he want to have home care available to run errands for him? Does he prefer to have a family member helping out? What if it’s not possible to get out of work to take him shopping on the day he prefers to go?

Verify That Legal Protections and Paperwork Are in Place

If your dad hasn’t taken preventative measures within papers like powers of attorney designations, a living will or advance directives, or HIPAA permissions, it may be harder for you to navigate what he’d want. He’ll have to go with whatever you or a doctor or social worker decides.

Home Care in Perinton NY

Home Care in Perinton NY

HIPAA permissions enable a medical professional to share your dad’s medical tests and information with you. Living wills/advance directives allow your dad to state what he’d want in certain situations, such as whether he’d want a feeding tube or breathing tube. If he wants to donate his organs, and if he would want life-saving measures to revive him if he died.

A power of attorney is a legal designation where your dad chooses an agent he trusts to speak for him and make decisions if he can’t speak for himself. For example, if he was in a coma following a car accident, his agent could decide if he’d want a risky surgery.

Has Any Information Changed?

Since your dad created a home care plan, has anything changed? For example, if your dad chose his brother to be his medical power of attorney, is his brother still alive? If not, is there an alternate named on the paperwork?

Has your dad’s insurance information changed? How about all of the phone numbers for people he’s listed as his emergency contacts?

Have His Preferences Changed?

Years ago, he said he’d want you to help him with bathing and grooming. He said that when he couldn’t imagine ever needing your help. What about now?

Talk With the Family First and Call Home Care Experts Next

Home care services shouldn’t be a rushed decision. Talk to the family about your dad’s changing needs. Gather a list of questions and concerns. Once you have that list, call a home care agency to learn more about the services that help your dad maintain his independence.

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