Is It Time for Home Care Assistance for Your Senior?

How do you know when your dad can’t take care of his home or himself properly? What are the signs you should be looking for? Here are the best ways to tell if it’s time for home care assistance services.

He’s Not Eating Properly

Your dad stopped eating properly years ago. He has a hard time cutting meats and vegetables before he cooks them. So, he’s become reliant on frozen dinners and pizzas.

You want him to listen to his doctor and eat heart-healthy foods. To do that, you need to hire a caregiver to cook meals that are high in fiber, antioxidants, and lean protein.

Personal Care Is a Difficult Chore

Arthritis is very common in older adults, and the arthritis pain your dad experiences in his fingers makes it difficult to manage grooming and hygiene without help. He can’t brush and floss his teeth well. He can’t hold a razor, so he lets his facial hair get scruffy.

In the shower, your dad has a hard time lifting his arms up to wash his hair. He also struggles to dry his feet and apply moisturizer when he’s showered. A caregiver can help with personal care tasks like hygiene and grooming.

Your Dad Fell Down the Stairs

Home Care Assistance in Webster NY

Home Care Assistance in Webster NY

While going outside to get the mail, your dad lost his balance and fell down his front steps. He’s okay, but he did fracture his wrist. It’s best to make sure he has someone available to support him on the stairs or get the mail for him.

With home care assistance, your dad has someone available to help him down the steps. He gains confidence and won’t feel trapped at home.

Your Dad Has Been Told to Stop Driving

Your dad’s last eye exam didn’t go well. He’s been told that he has cataracts and needs to stop driving at night or when the lighting is dim. Your dad sees this as an attack on his freedom to come and go.

Make sure he knows he’s still able to come and go with the help of a caregiver. He can have an aide drive him around to stores, parks, senior centers, medical offices, and more. If he just wants to go for a leisurely drive, that’s an option, too.

He Needs Help With Housekeeping

Your dad can do simple tasks like dusting and sweeping his hardwood floors, but the vacuum for carpeting on the stairs is too hard for him to manage. He can’t carry laundry up and down the stairs. Making his bed and changing sheets is also difficult.

A caregiver can clean his home, do his laundry, and change his bathroom and kitchen towels. When he needs his sheets changed, his caregiver will change them, launder them, and put everything away when done.

Home care assistance is an important way to help your dad stay independent as he ages. Why let him struggle with daily tasks when he can have the care and support of a home care aide. Talk to a specialist in home care assistance to get started.

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