Home Hospice Companion Care

End of life care is a highly personal situation where approaches vary widely. Some hospice patients in their homes crave privacy most, while others enjoy more social support. Naturally, many people like privacy and socialization in their proper turn. Families and other caregivers, often home health aides and nurses, play critical roles in home hospice care. The presence of families is often most important of all. However, for family members, this is usually a highly charged time emotionally and caregiver “burn out” is a real concern.

When other caregivers and family members are unavailable or overwhelmed, companion caregivers from Touching Hearts can provide respite with social support, comfort and household services. This “fill in” role can be scheduled at times most convenient for family caregivers, such as work hours, meal times and overnights. Finding just the right caregiver to match with the patient is one key to enhancing the patient’s experience. The presence of just the right person can be the source of joy and comfort to all involved.


  • Companionship and moral support
  • Standby assistance with ambulation and hygiene tasks
  • Safety monitoring
  • Medication Reminders
  • “Eyes and Ears” for family when they cannot be there


  • Enhanced emotional well-being and physical comfort
  • Respite for family caregivers
  • Fall risk avoidance
  • Medication compliance (including consequential pain reduction)
  • Closer monitoring