Put Safety First With These Fall Prevention Tips

Why are older adults more prone to falls? Any number of things can increase the risk. Medication side effects and diminishing muscle mass are two common issues. Taking a little time to reduce the risk of a fall is important when it’s your mom’s goal to age at home.

Go Through a Home Safety Check

Print out an online safety checklist or call a home care specialist to see if safety checks are offered in your mom’s community. You’ll go through her home to look for issues that increase the risk of a fall. Some of the common issues are slippery decorative rugs, lack of grab bars near a bathtub or shower, and loose rails on staircases.

If issues are found, take care of them. Hire a contractor if you can’t make the repairs or upgrades by yourself.

Check Her Medications

Read more about the prescription medications your mom takes. Some of the common medications for older adults, such as blood pressure medications, may cause dizziness. If that’s the case, she should have someone with her when she takes the pills. If she feels dizzy, note how long the dizzy spells last.

Over time, she may get used to the side effects. If she doesn’t, she should avoid stairs or walking around while the dizziness is at its worst. You can also ask her doctor about alternatives that have fewer side effects.

Install Brighter Lighting Fixtures

Sometimes, falls happen because stairs or walking paths are not brightly lit. If your mom can’t clearly see the landing at the top of her stairs, she might miss a step and fall. If the hallway from her bedroom to the bathroom is dimly lit, she might trip on a pet or hit a door frame while rushing to the bathroom.

If your mom does fall, what happens? Can you take time off work to help her around the home? Would she be able to get help or would she have to wait until someone stopped by? It’s time to consider home care services if she could be stuck for days waiting for someone to check on her.

It’s often advantageous to hire elder care services before a fall occurs. With caregivers stopping by to help her with certain household chores or supervise her after she takes her daily medications, she’s less likely to suffer an accidental fall. Talk to an elder care agency about services that help prevent falls.

If you or an aging loved one is considering elder care in Penfield, NY, please contact the caring staff at Touching Hearts at Home of Rochester today. 585-271-7390.

Anxiety in the Elderly: What Do You Need to Know?

Many people experience anxiety every now and then. At times, anxiety can even be productive. However, there are times when anxiety can cause disruption and havoc to a person’s life. This is especially true when anxiety issues appear frequently. There are a lot of elderly people who have anxiety issues to an unhealthy extent. This is often due to the loss of a loved one, from pain they feel on a regular basis, or due to another type of chronic condition. Anxiety can also be a side effect of certain medications. As a family caregiver, it is important to learn all you can about anxiety in the elderly.

Most Common Anxiety Disorders in the Elderly Population

There are several types of anxiety disorders in the elderly population. It is wise to learn about each one of them. Some of the most common disorders include the following:

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Trunk or Treat

Our Community Relations Manager, Annette Ziegler, is spending some time today delivery candy to the hard-working staff of local senior care communities. If you see the rainbow on this cloudy day – say hi!

Why Our Caregivers Love Working at Touching Hearts!

Our caregivers are surveyed by a third-party about their experience at Touching Hearts at Home. Here is what they have to say:

Staying Independent Is Less Challenging With Senior Care

Don’t let your parents worry about having to move out of their home as they age. With senior care, they stay in their home and enjoy their independence even if a helping hand is needed. These services all help your parents remain safe while living alone.

Food Preparation

Some people remain great cooks well into their 70s, 80s, and 90s. Others struggle with meal preparation after children leave the home. Moving from cooking for a family to cooking for one or two is challenging. There are also people that never got the hang of healthy cooking.

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Do you have the heart for in home care?

We are hiring NOW for in home companion caregivers!

Outing to Highland Park

Sharing some photos of our caregiver Lee & client Eleanor at Highland Park. Eleanor enjoyed getting out of the house on this cool crisp day taking in the beauty of the season.


Wishing our owner Mark McDermott a very Happy #60th Birthday!!!!

Steps to Take to Keep Your Parents’ Health Info Safe

Scam artists are always looking for new ways to convince people into sharing confidential information. They also look for ways to get you to send money or share a credit card number. Your parents can avoid those scams by hanging up and reporting the caller to the authorities.

Starting on October 11th, it’s Healthcare Security and Safety Week. While the goal of this week is for healthcare offices and personnel to take safety and security seriously, issues can happen. There are also things your parents may be doing that open them up to fraudulent acts involving healthcare matters. They need to be proactive to avoid scams or information theft.

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A Visit to the Farm Market

Our client Ellie loves to get out of the house and do fun things! On this beautiful fall day, Ellie & her caregiver Jenna took a ride to Baumans Farm Market. They enjoyed looking at the colorful mums, pumpkins & enjoyed some cider and donuts too!