Social Companionship

Is the elder you know lonely and depressed? Does he or she miss her friends and family she used to see more often? Social isolation is common among seniors and leads to mental and physical health problems like depression, anxiety, poor nutrition, dehydration and disorientation. Studies show that people who are socially engaged lead longer and happier lives.

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Care Partner of the Month – August 2021

We are excited to announce our August 2021 Care Partner of the Month – Hannah Mirabella.

Hannah has been a dedicated and faithful employee for 1.5 years. She is known for her caring heart and exemplifies our CORE values – Compassion, Communication, Commitment and Consideration. We are so proud to have Hannah as part of the Touching Hearts TEAM!


Touching Hearts has established a fund of money that can be used to help employees during a time of emergency and hardship. All employees are eligible to receive fund grants. A small (rotating) committee of caregivers shall make grant distribution decisions.

Grants will be used to support the emergency or hardship needs of employees. These issues may include, without limitation:

  • Lack of childcare or parent care
  • Transportation problems
  • Uncovered necessary medical costs
  • Housing emergencies like rent payments or utility shut offs
  • Lack of appropriate attire
  • Need to access emergency services and goods at cost

When deciding on a grant the Grant Committee will review applications on a case by case basis and will take into consideration the following:

• Emergency or hardship need
• Ability of the grant to alleviate the hardship
• Eligibility criteria
• Availability of money in the Fund
• Applicant’s ability to access other resources
• Overall impact of gift

The We Care Fund is here to help support our employees during difficult times of financial stress or crisis.

September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Prostate cancer is one of the most common types of cancer, and September is the month to bring awareness to it. If it is detected early enough, it has the best chance of successfully being treated, however, this does not always happen. Though anyone can get prostate cancer, every 6 in 10 cases are with a gentleman older than 65.

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How We Support our Care Partners with Great Benefits

Touching Hearts at Home supports our employees with many great benefits!!!!! Join our AMAZING TEAM today!

*Competitive Pay with 401K Plan
* FREE Tele-Health Medical Benefits
*Flexible Scheduling Options
*Up to $400.00 in annual bonuses
*Paid time off
*Referral Bonuses
*Recognition Programs
*We Care Fund
*Work1-1 with our clients in their Home

Apply at or call 585-271-7390 for more information. Hiring in Monroe, Wayne & Ontario Counties. #hiringnow #jobs #flexiblehours #benefits #companioncare


Every Wednesday from 12pm to 3pm we are holding Open Interviews, no RSVP needed! Please join us and hear more about becoming a Care Partner with Touching Hearts at Home. We are hiring Care Partners, Lead Caregiver & Scheduling assistant. #companioncare #hiringnow

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Happy Senior Citizens Day!

The day provides an opportunity to show our appreciation for their dedication, accomplishments, and services they give throughout their lives.

Their wealth of knowledge, skill, and experience offer so much to the next generation. As technologies advance, these are the people who’ve experienced each step of change. Not only have they contributed to it, but they understand first hand the benefits and the drawbacks. They know life without the advancements that exist today.

Spend some time with the senior citizens you know. Let them know they are appreciated and loved. We are so thankful for the many senior citizens we serve at Touching Hearts at Home.

Cholesterol Busting Foods Seniors Should Eat More Of

More than 93 million adults have high cholesterol. Having high cholesterol can increase the chances of developing heart disease and having a stroke. That’s why it’s so important for seniors to watch their cholesterol levels. Medication helps, and many seniors are already taking medication for their cholesterol. But diet and lifestyle also play a big role in lowering cholesterol and keeping cholesterol levels healthy.

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How our Care Partners Can Help with Physical Therapy Exercises at Home

Physical therapy is a wonderful and even necessary endeavor for those, particularly seniors, who have had an injury due to an accident or even just have aching joints and arthritis. Many caregivers wrongly think that therapy can only be done by professionals when the fact of the matter is that caregivers themselves can help with physical therapy exercises.

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Touching Hearts at Home can help with Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

People suffering from dementia find daily life increasingly difficult to manage in a safe and happy way. Great strain is placed on family and friends who are caring for a person with dementia from Alzheimer’s Disease or another cause. Caregivers often suffer physically and mentally from this burden, in a way joining their loved ones as victims of dementia. Experts advise caregivers to get help from others to keep their loved one safe and happy and to avoid caregiver burnout.

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