Care Partner of the Month – June 2022 – Maximo Sanchez

We are so excited to announce our Care Partner of the Month – Maximo Sanchez. Maximo enjoys helping people do things they can no longer do at home. He is always willing to pitch in and take shifts whenever needed to help our clients. Maximo exemplifies our CORE values, Compassion, Communication, Commitment and Consideration. We are so proud to have Maximo on the Touching Hearts Team!


Henrietta Senior Center

Thank you to the Henrietta Senior Center for having Touching Hearts at Home sponsor your luncheon today. The center feeds over 110 participants daily which includes grab & go for seniors that can’t attend in person. Wow!! such a great luncheon offered to the seniors in Henrietta!

Annette Ziegler, Community Relations Manager spoke to the group and explained all of the services that Touching Hearts has to offer that can help them to age in place at home. What a great group with such good questions, Thank you for having us!


Activity Ideas for Your Senior with Alzheimer’s Disease

It is very important that you spend time with your elderly loved one, especially if they have Alzheimer’s disease. It may not seem like it matters much, since they may not remember you all the time or much at all, but it does. The disease will change as it progresses, but there can be moments of clarity at any stage. There are many activities that you can do with your elderly loved one that can allow them to enjoy their day and even have fun. Try these ideas when you are spending time with your parent or when senior home care is visiting with them.

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Meal Planning & Preparation

The food we eat and the way we take our meals is highly personal. Healthy aging requires that we eat and drink not only for our physical health, but for our emotional well-being. Senior companions can help with meal planning and preparation to meet the unique needs of each elder we serve.

Many older adults experience a decline in nutrition and hydration for a variety of reasons: dementia (forgetting to eat or drink and to plan meals); physical restrictions making cooking taxing; eating being uncomfortable due to medical conditions; lack of desire to eat due to loneliness; eating convenient foods that are not healthy; dietary restrictions; and inability to shop regularly for fresh food. Poor nutrition and lack of hydration lead to mental, physical and emotional problems that are tough to correct. Poor nutrition and hydration sometimes lead to acute medical care.

Touching Hearts Care Partners can plan and prepare the kind of healthy, tasty, fresh meals that our clients will enjoy. We can prepare their favorite foods and serve them they way they like it. We can also provide the social component of meals that will increase the likelihood that our clients will partake of proper nutrition and liquids. We can even help keep track of eating and drinking habits when that is important, and report when unhealthy patterns are occurring.

*Meal planning, preparation and clean-up
*Monitoring diet and eating
*Record and arrange recipes
*Grocery shopping
*Monitor food expirations
*Eating together as a form of encouragement

*Better nutrition, hydration, overall health
*Enjoyment of meals again
*Avoiding unsafe foods
*Reduced risk related to cooking (e.g. leaving the stove on, falling in the kitchen)

Call us at 585-271-7390 for more information on how we can help your loved one at home with meal planning & preparation. #aginginplace #mealprepartion #companioncare

Is It Time for Home Care Assistance for Your Senior?

How do you know when your dad can’t take care of his home or himself properly? What are the signs you should be looking for? Here are the best ways to tell if it’s time for home care assistance services.

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We can help you with 24 Hour Home Care

At certain stages or periods of life, some seniors cannot be left alone. This situation may be short lived or long term. Persons with dementia who may engage in unsafe behaviors are often the ones requiring full time monitoring. Patients recovering from serious medical conditions, such as hip injuries and lower extremity injuries which prevents full ambulation, sometimes need around the clock help at first when they get home. Sometimes physicians require a discharge plan that provides for 24 hour coverage for a period of time.

Families and other caregivers trying to meet the needs of such seniors requiring 24 hour care often simply cannot be there due to the demands of their own work and personal lives. Sometimes they need to just get away for respite from the highly demanding work of being a primary caregiver. Touching Hearts can be there some or all of the time when family members and other caregivers are not available.

Full range of services including:

*meal preparation
*safety monitoring
*standby assistance


*Meets some discharge plan requirements
*Normal household and personal routines are maintained
*Health risk reduction
*Safe, clean home environment
*Respite for family members and other caregivers
*Socialization for home bound seniors

We are HIRING – A great place to work!!

Watch this video and hear from some of our wonderful Care Partners on why they LOVE working at Touching Hearts at Home. If you are looking for meaningful work and have a passion to help older adults please apply today! Hiring for Monroe, Wayne & Ontario Counties


We were so excited to attend the GRAPE – Greater Rochester Area Partnership for the Elderly’s 30th year Gala Dinner at the Lodge of Woodcliff. Was a great celebration!! . Pictured here are Touching Hearts at Home Community Relations Manager – Annette Ziegler, Client Care Coordinator – Mary Walker and President of Together In Caring – Kathy Jacobs.

Find Out More About Strokes Today

If you are a family caregiver for your elderly loved one, it would be a good idea to learn about strokes, as these are one of the most common health issues to affect senior citizens. Strokes are a dangerous, sometimes fatal medical condition that cut off blood supply to the person’s brain. Two of the main reasons why this happens are blood clots and heart conditions. Every stroke is different, but they all share one common denominator – they are all medical emergencies. So, you must act FAST.

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Care Partner of The Month – May 2022 – Sapphire Buckner

Congratulations to Sapphire Buckner, our Care Partner of the Month for May 2022. Sapphire enjoys helping people do the things they thought no longer possible, making sure they maintain as much independence as possible. She enjoys spending time with her kids and currently is enjoying planning her wedding. Sapphire exemplifies our CORE values, Compassion, Communication, Commitment and Consideration. We are so proud to have Sapphire on the Touching Hearts Team!