Overnight Care

The overnight hours are sometimes higher risk times for seniors. Insomnia is common. People with mental health issues like anxiety, depression, delusions and paranoia often experience these conditions more acutely at night. Many people with dementia are also known to experience confusion more at night than during the day. Activities like getting in and out of bed, going to the bathroom and traversing stairs involve higher risk when pursued between bouts of being at rest. Overnight is often also when family members and other caregivers are asleep themselves, and/or unavailable. Night time safety concerns sometimes unnecessarily drive decisions to move into senior care communities.

Touching Hearts often provides in home care for seniors during overnight hours to keep them safe and provide respite for other caregivers. In fact, some of our senior companions prefer to work those hours. Providing peace of mind, moral support, stand-by assistance and safety monitoring are common features of overnight support.


  • Safety monitoring
  • Stand by assistance
  • Reassurance, moral support and redirection (if needed)


  • Reduction in risk of falling and other unsafe behaviors
  • Peace of mind and moral support
  • Respite for primary caregivers