Nail Care Routines Are Essential for Seniors

Have you ever looked at your dad’s nails? It’s much easier to see his fingernails than his toenails, but you should try to see his feet. Many older adults have a harder time bending down to trim toenails, so they stop doing it. This can impact gait and mobility. It’s time to talk to him about nail care and his other personal care at home needs. Here’s what you need to talk about.

The Risks of Having Long Toenails

When toenails are too long, they’ll cut into neighboring toes, especially when you put shoes on and toes are pushed together. These cuts can become infected and lead to costly hospitalization or urgent care treatments.

Another problem is that the nails may cause pressure on the toenail bed. This will lead to thicker toenails that become harder to trim and are more prone to breaking and ingrown nails. An ingrown nail can impact your dad’s comfort while he walks around. This increases his fall risk.

If your dad’s experiencing foot pain, he’s going to react by walking around less. This impacts his health in many ways. It can make his arthritic joints ache more and lead to muscle loss and balance issues. Keep him up and active by making sure he’s having his nails trimmed and feet checked for potential issues.

How to Properly Care for Nails

Personal Care at Home in Webster NY

Personal Care at Home in Webster NY

Once a month, your dad should visually inspect his nails. They need to be trimmed straight across and have any rough edges filed smooth to avoid them catching on socks and clothing.

The best time to trim nails is right after a shower when they’re damp and less likely to be brittle and dry. After trimming and filing them, a moisturizing agent should be applied to prevent dry, cracked skin and cuticles.

After every shower, your dad needs to thoroughly dry his feet and check them for cuts and sores. If he notices anything, he should talk to his doctor and ask to see a podiatrist. It’s better to schedule the appointment than to have a sore form and become infected or impact his gait or balance.

Make Sure Your Dad Trims His Nails Regularly

Personal care at home is an easy way to ensure your dad’s nails are trimmed and filed properly. You do not want to have his nails growing so long that they curl into other toes and cause cuts and sores. His fingernails need to be trimmed and filed to avoid catching on items or causing injuries when he scratches his skin.

A personal care at home provider can trim his nails and file rough edges. His caregiver can apply a cream to keep his feet moisturized. Call an agency to learn more.

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