How to Support a Senior Through the Transition to Personal Care at Home

Suddenly needing help from personal care at home can be difficult and emotionally overwhelming for your senior, but also for you. It’s important that you and your elderly family member have a plan to make that transition as smooth and as problem-free as possible. Here are just a few of the ways that you can help your senior to do just that.

What Is Personal Care at Home?

Personal care tasks are ones that your senior may not have needed help with for a very long time, because they’re ones that most people take care of themselves past a certain age. These are tasks like bathing, brushing teeth, fixing hair, and generally ensuring that hygiene is under control. Because of health issues, age, and other difficulties, your elderly family member may start to need help with these types of tasks, which is where caregivers come in.

Safety at Home

Safety is always number one for your aging family member. When the time comes for her to need help with personal care tasks, it’s a good idea to assess her current safety concerns. If there are home modifications that would help with safety and make it easier for someone to help your senior, this is the time to make those changes. Some things to consider include adding grab bars in the bathroom, adjusting the toilet seat height, and using shower chairs.

Supporting Physical Health

What else does your elderly family member need in order to be as healthy as possible? Home care professionals can assist with all sorts of tasks, including medication reminders, cooking healthy meals, and reminding your elderly family member to hydrate. The healthier your senior is overall, the easier it is for her to deal with the types of changes that having more help with personal care tasks can bring.

Prioritizing Mental Health

Personal Care at Home in Greece NY

Personal Care at Home in Greece NY

Along with these changes, your elderly family member may find that her mental health is struggling a bit. Finding solutions that help her to remain mentally healthy can involve ensuring that she’s able to talk through issues around anxiety and depression that can be magnified by needing more help. If your senior has enjoyable activities and events scheduled to look forward to, that can help a lot as well.

Offering Emotional Support

Having visits and regular contact from friends and family members can be incredibly emotionally supportive for your senior. Personal care at home offers a social element, but that doesn’t take the place of having emotional support from you and from other people who love her. Listen to your senior’s concerns and address them whenever possible. This helps your senior to feel less alone and less as if having personal care help is something being done to her, but rather for her.

When your elderly family member does start receiving help from personal care at home, she may find that her initial concerns were unwarranted. Caregivers are there to help her to be as safe as possible while also helping her to have her personal care needs met whenever necessary.

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