4 Ways Seniors Can Stay Cool At Home This Summer

Summers are getting hotter, and that can mean trouble for seniors who are aging at home. Older homes may not be as ready to handle the heat as newer homes and seniors can get overheated pretty easily. Prolonged exposure to high heat can exacerbate existing health conditions. It can also increase the risk of heat-related conditions like heatstroke and dehydration. Senior home care can help your elderly parent adapt to daily weather conditions by choosing the right clothing and staying hydrated. In addition, try these updates to your senior’s home to help maintain a comfortable temperature:

Using Blackout Curtains

Blackout curtains are a good way to keep the inside of your loved one’s home cool during the hottest weather. These curtains are made from special fabric that will block out the light and the heat and keep the house dark and cool. It may be a little dark inside of the house when the curtains are drawn but at least it will be cool. Your senior loved one can keep the curtains open in the morning when it’s still cool but shut them in the afternoon when it starts to get really warm.

Improving Air Flow With Fans

Senior Home Care in Victor NY

Senior Home Care in Victor NY

Fans can’t cool the air, but they move the air around and create a nice breeze that will help your senior loved one feel cooler. You can look for fans with remotes that allow your senior loved one to control the speed and direction of the fan. At the very least there should be fans in the bedroom, the living room, and the dining room.

Dressing In Natural Fabrics

Seniors often like to dress in layers because they get cold very easily. Dressing in light layers is a smart thing to do during the summer but those layers should be made of natural fabrics. Natural fabrics whisk away sweat and help senior stay cool. Linen and cotton are two of the best fabrics for seniors to wear when it’s hot outside. If your senior loved one needs help dressing appropriately for the weather a senior caregiver can help your senior parent get ready for the day.

Shut The Windows During The Day

Keeping the window shut during the day and open at night will help your senior loved one’s house stay cool. By leaving the windows open at night during the coolest part of the day and keeping them shut during the warmest part of the day your senior parent can keep the heat out while letting the cool air in at night.

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