Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care

People suffering from dementia find daily life increasingly difficult to manage in a safe and happy way.  Great strain is placed on family and friends who are caring for a person with dementia from Alzheimer’s Disease or another cause.  Caregivers often suffer physically and mentally from this burden, in a way joining their loved ones as victims of dementia.  Experts advise caregivers to get help from others to keep their loved one safe and happy and to avoid caregiver burnout.

Many of our clients at Touching Hearts suffer from dementia.  We are experienced in providing the kind of care they need.  We also excel at coordinating care with the family members and other professionals who may be involved in the care plan.


  • Positive and patient companionship for Alzheimer’s patients
  • Activities to stimulate client mentally and physically
  • Prompting and cueing daily routines
  • Respite for those caring for loved ones with dementia
  • Supplemental help for staff at senior communities
  • Prevent wandering and unsafe behaviors
  • Transport/Escort to appointments
  • Outings, activities and events appropriate for persons with dementia
  • Personal organization help


  • The client is happier, more reassured
  • Healthy mental stimulation occurs
  • Hygiene and nutrition improve
  • Unsafe behaviors are checked
  • Pressure is taken off other caregivers and staff
  • Household organization improves