Home and Safety Monitoring

Seniors who wish to remain independent at home sometimes just need others to monitor how they are doing. Family caregivers often play this role but many cannot do this as often as necessary to ensure safety at home, especially family caregivers who have their own families, full time jobs and travel for business or pleasure.  Home and safety monitoring is especially important for elders with dementia or a history of falls, as well as when they just return from the hospital or rehab.  It not only ensures safety, but also provides a social outlet for people who might otherwise be socially isolated.  Sometimes just “checking in” can be used as the basis for delivering other services like housekeeping, meal preparation and medication reminders.

Our senior companion caregivers can be with elder loved ones when you cannot, to provide oversight for them and peace of mind for you. We can be your “eyes and ears” in your absence. We can do this regularly or just when you need respite.


  • Notify family of any medical issues and changes in health or appearance of client
  • Monitor the home for any unsafe conditions like utilities left on, outdated food, etc.
  • Fall prevention risk management
  • Ensure home is secured
  • Complete tasks as might arise
  • Social support and encouragement


  • Greater client safety
  • Peace of mind for family