Organizational Assistance

One challenge of longer life is sometimes the loss of executive and administrative skills. Task completion can be more challenging, both physically and mentally, especially with the onset of dementia. Seniors can be increasingly overwhelmed with mail, appointments, maintaining important routines, keeping track of medication, household organization, etc. In downsizing situations, decisions about what to keep and what to dispose of, and how to organize it all, can be daunting. Touching Hearts senior companions can provide services akin to that of a personal assistant who supports the elder in a range of ways.  Their role can be part secretary, part housemaid, part organizer, part whatever-is-needed-that-day.  Examples of services we perform are below.


  • Answer door and telephone
  • Bring in and sort mail
  • Help understanding bills and other important mail
  • Letter writing and other correspondence
  • Assist with walking and exercises
  • Birthday and anniversary reminders
  • Assist with gardening
  • Assist in decision making


  • Elder is able to stay actively engaged with business and personal affairs
  • Reduced frustration in daily organizational activities
  • Important dates, appointments and deadlines are not missed