Social Companionship

Is the elder you know lonely and depressed?  Does he or she miss her friends and family she used to see more often?  Social isolation is common among seniors and leads to mental and physical health problems like depression, anxiety, poor nutrition, dehydration and disorientation.  Studies show that people who are socially engaged lead longer and happier lives.

Touching Hearts senior companion caregivers are chosen for their desire and ability to “connect” with elders.  They are not “senior sitters” in a passive way; they actively ENGAGE our clients for companionship. No matter what tasks we are doing in the home to help our clients, we are keeping the positive social interaction foremost on our minds.  Since each person is unique, we focus on our client’s unique social background and characteristics to find ways to positively interact and bring joy to their lives.  We pair our caregivers with our clients to find the best “match” that will result in a lasting, rewarding experience.

Below are some examples of activities and functions our senior companions perform and results that our clients have experienced.


  • Friendly and stimulating conversation
  • Reassurance and positive reinforcement
  • Escorting to outings and activities
  • Play favorite games, cards, or other mind stimulating activities
  • Help with hobbies or crafts
  • Read and discuss books, papers, and magazines


  • Clients look forward to visits
  • Lower depression and anxiety
  • Other social connections are re-established and maintained
  • Clients re-engage daily rituals positively impacting hygiene and nutrition