Transportation and Escort

When elders lose their ability to drive it is often devastating for them emotionally due to the loss of the independence driving provides.  While there are public and private transportation options available for some people, most options do not involve taking seniors wherever they want to go whenever they want to go there.  Touching Hearts does provide that service.  Our caregivers provide “door through door” service, i.e. we meet clients in their home, ensure they safely get from home to the car and to and from their destination, and settle them back inside their home to complete the trip. 

When our senior companions provide transportation, we usually also stay with the client throughout the visit, unless requested otherwise. Thus, we are not only transporting, but also providing other support for, the people we serve. This is especially important for clients with dementia, vision loss, hearing loss and anxiety. We can be their eyes, ears, coaches and advocates. On the other hand, sometimes client do not want or need a caregiver being next to them the whole time, such as when they are visiting with friends and family. When prudent, this is a choice we honor.

Clients must be able to transfer into and out of a car independently or with an arm assist.  We can assist with walkers and wheelchairs.

All of our senior companions have their own vehicle. We can also use clients’ vehicles for transportation, if they prefer.


  • Doctor Appointments (including note taking, upon request)
  • Shopping and errands
  • Visit friends, relatives, social functions
  • Church, other religious functions
  • Entertainment events – Plays, Concerts, Sports
  • Prescription pick-up


  • Clients retain independence in pursuing activities outside the home
  • Reduced reliance on family to provide transportation at inconvenient times
  • Doctors visits can be attended whenever necessary
  • Seniors maintain important outside social connections