Shopping and Errands

Helping older adults stay at home often entails performing activities and services outside their home. These activities enable them to stay connected with important services and products that enhance their lives. Whether it is to obtain favorite foods, pick up medications or take clothes to the dry cleaner, when seniors cannot or choose not to leave their homes to access these sources, Touching Hearts caregivers can provide shopping and errand services. Also, when our clients want to do these activities themselves, but need help, Touching Hearts senior companions can take them there.
For many of us in the Rochester area, going to Wegmans is not just an errand, it is a social activity and a cherished routine!  Many also have a favorite take-out restaurant, drug store, laundry service, nursery, discount store, etc. which is special for emotional and practical reasons. Keeping seniors connected to these special places physically and emotionally is important. It helps maintain a quality of life at home as the challenges of longer life increase.


  • Grocery shopping
  • Pick up prescriptions and medications
  • Dry cleaning deliveries
  • Food pick up
  • Clothes shopping


  • Food preferences met
  • Fresh, healthy foods obtained
  • Medication compliance
  • Risk of senior over-functioning avoided
  • Convenience
  • Enhances sense of connection with the community