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4 Tips for Incorporating Canned Food into Your Senior’s Diet

Every February is National Canned Food Month, making it a great time for you and your senior to think about incorporating more canned foods into her diet. Canned food is a lot healthier than many people think that it is, and it offers a lot of variety while taking up only a little bit of pantry space. Personal care at home can help your senior implement canned foods in their diet in healthy ways.

Canned Food Is Always in Season

Canned food gets a bad reputation at times, but you should remember that vegetables and fruits that are canned are picked and processed almost immediately. They’re at the peak of freshness, which is great news nutritionally speaking. Also, canned versions of some foods, like beans, are incredibly healthy and they are also easier to manage than other versions, like dried beans.

Read Labels Carefully

The key to healthy canned foods is to make sure and read the label fully and carefully. The label gives you information about how to store the canned food and how long it will be good for. But it also tells you what else is in the can, like salt or sugar, and how much is in the food. Ideally, you’ll want to find canned foods that are lower in added ingredients because that’s healthier overall for your senior.

Check the Cans, Too

Personal Care at Home in Perinton NY

Personal Care at Home in Perinton NY

It’s also important to check the cans themselves for damage. You don’t want to buy or hang onto cans that are dented, rusted, or otherwise look like they may not be okay. Avoiding cans that are damaged can help your senior to store the foods for as long as recommended on the label.

Rotate Food Storage for Your Senior

The best way to store canned foods is with the “first in, first out” philosophy. This means putting newer foods at the back of the storage shelf so that the older foods are used first. Personal care at home can also help with stocking your senior up on healthy canned foods and making sure that she’s eating regular meals. Eating a variety of canned foods is a lot easier with the help of personal care at home who can craft a menu that works for your senior’s health needs.

Canned foods are convenient and they store for a very long time, which can help your elderly family member to build up a pantry of foods that are healthy and delicious.

If you or an aging loved one is considering personal care at home in Perinton, NY, please contact the caring staff at Touching Hearts at Home of Rochester today. 585-271-7390.

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